Problems compiling TkPerl402 under NT 
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 Problems compiling TkPerl402 under NT

According to the documentation, the last two alpha versions of TkPerl
(402.000 and 402.001)
should compile under WinNT using Visual C++, and now under Borland's C++
compiler (presumably
C++ Builder). I compiled Perl 5.004 under Visual C++ v2.0 with no problem,
and installed the
pre-compiled binaries of Tcl7.6 / Tk4.2.

My goal was to compile TkPerl 402.000 (402.001 as of this morning), so I
could replace my Tcl/Tk
scripts, and use the better string manipulation in Perl. However, I can't
get the {*filter*} to work.

I had to edit the Makefiles to include ntwin32.mak rather than win32.mak,
and added compiler
flags for the CPU type (CPU = i386), but now it's bombing out saying it
can't make TkPhotoImg.esc
because it isn't defined in the tk header file. I've scratched around in
comp.lang.perl.misc and for answers, and on the Web, but to no avail.

So, if anyone has successfully compiled TkPerl under NT, can I have a copy
of your binary? Or
failing that, any details of what version of Visual C++ is best and any
workarounds needed.

I'll keep a beady eye on the newsgroup, in anticipation of any answers ...

Oh, and if this message appears twice, apologies in advance, but I think
line dropped the first time ...

Chris Wareham

Product Application Development and Research,
Technical Indexes Ltd.

office +44 0(1)344 426311 extension 307
fax    +44 0(1)344 424971

Fri, 03 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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