make can't find 
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 make can't find

I'm compiling the latest Perl 5.002 and Tk-b11.02 for Solaris 2.4 but and I'm
 having a couple of
minor problems.

My first ones were some pod modules that didn't pod2man, since it was only 5 or
 6 of them I
thought I would just trudge on, so I didn't keep a list of them or what the
 errors were (Real
helpful eh?).

Anyway what I would really like to know is while make'ing Tk-b11.02 I received,
 as in a
previous post:

Warning (will try anyway): No library found for -lpt,


Following modules are required but not installed:

I noticed that the latter warnings can be remedied by installing the
 libwww-perl, but when I
ran a make on that it complained about a module "".

QUESTION: Does anybody know where to find I already checked CPAN and 4
5 archie hosts to no avail.



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