Announce: Tk::MessageBox-1.00 
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 Announce: Tk::MessageBox-1.00

MessageBox-1.00.readme is a Tk module which provides a simple message box
dialogue box similar to that provided under Windows. Its basically a
simple version of supplied with Tk (from which much code is
taken) but with defaults and in particular automatic keyboard binding.

The MessageBox is different in 4 main respects from Dialog:
1) fixed width buttons (more windowsy)
2) automatic keyboard binding
3) defaults to simple OK
4) less versatile than

e.g. #1: A simple OK box with keyboard bindings for <o>, <Space> and
<Return> etc.
    use MessageBox ; # Haven't specified OK button - its the default.
    my $msg = $Win->MessageBox( -title => 'Test', -text => 'Done.' ) ;
    $msg->Show ;

e.g. #2: A yes/no box, again with automatic keyboard binding of <y> and
<n> etc.
    my $msg = $Win->MessageBox(
        -title     => 'Save File?',
        -text      => "Save '$file'?",
        -buttons   => [ 'Yes', 'No' ],
        -defbutton => 'Yes'
        # Several other options are available and documented in the pod.
        ) ;
    my $ans = $msg->Show ;
    &save_file( $file ) if $ans eq 'Yes' ;

Copyright (c) Mark Summerfield 1998/9. All Rights Reserved.
May be used/distributed/modified under the same terms as Perl itself.

If you want a copy I can email you the .tar.gz is < 4K.


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