Embedding non-Tk windows within a Perl/Tk Application 
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 Embedding non-Tk windows within a Perl/Tk Application

Hello everyone. I am new to this list and would like to
commend you guys on the great list.  The archives
for this list are priceless.

Is it possible to embed windows from another GUI toolkit
(or possible lower level like an X window) within a Perl/Tk
application?  I am currently developing a GUI for our
renderer completely in Perl/Tk.  For 95% of what the GUI
does Perl/Tk is fast enough.  However, I would like to use
the GUI to display images as they are rendering.  This will
involve IPC with a lot of pixel pushing.  I suspect I would
be better off doing this with C/C++.  I would also like to add
pan and zoom features to the viewer.  I don't want to have
a totally seperate application if I can avoid this.  It would
be nice to embed the viewer with a Perl/Tk application so
I can use Perl/Tk to control it.  The searching I have done
has been fruitless on this topic.  Any help would be appreciated.


Rev Lebaredian
Chief Technical Officer
Steamboat Software Inc.
Phone: (323)665-0454
Fax: (323)665-5273

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