Bug in $text->see(index) 
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 Bug in $text->see(index)

Craig> After trying the attached program out on a number of versions,
Craig> and a number of architectures, it does appear that there is a
Craig> bug in the $text->see() method.

Craig> When you run the test program, if you ever see partial lines
Craig> marked, then you're experiencing the bug.


Craig> $tobj->see("$i.end"); }

I missed some of the earlier discussion on this, so please ignore any
ignorance :)

I assume that by 'partial lines' you mean part of text between two

As far as I can tell, there is no bug here at all. According to Tk 4.0
docs, 'see' makes the specified position in the buffer visible, in
this case the end of the specified line. perl/Tk docs, of course,

If you want to make sure that the complete line is visible, try:


That will make the line visible if it fits in the window, otherwise
the start of the line will be visible.

You can also use the more general <tag>.last and <tag>.first, it you
need to maximize the visibility of a tagged range:



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