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 Multiple MainWindows

I've just written my first Tk application using perl5.002:
it involves multiple MainWindows, each on a different display.

Once I've created all the MainWindows,
I enter the MainLoop to wait for events from any of them.

It looks like button-presses on some of the remote displays are ineffective:
& tracing the control-flow shows that the callback subroutines are not called.

<Enter> & <Leave> events are triggered when the mouse cursor enters or leaves
a button on the remote displays, but callbacks attached to these buttons aren't.

It seems as though only one of the multiple MainWindow's buttons will work at any moment,
& when that window has been destroyed, another MainWindow is given some attention,
& it's buttons will suddenly start working.

Any clues: am I not allowed to have multiple MainWindows ?


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Tue, 29 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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