Desperately need help with HLists 
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 Desperately need help with HLists

i'm trying to place frames inside an HList, but the frames don't take
up the whole width of the item.  how can i make them do this?  any
help at ALL would be appreciated.

thanks, here's the code:

use Tk;

$mw = MainWindow->new(-width => 360);
$lab_orig = $mw->Label(-text => "test")->pack(-expand => 1, -fill =>
$list = $mw->HList(-background => "white", -itemtype =>
'window')->pack(-expand => 1, -fill => 'both');
$frame = $list->Frame;
$list->add("Buddies", -widget => $frame);

$lab = $frame->Label(-text => "teer")->pack(-side => 'left', -fill =>
'both', -expand => 1);

$frame->configure(-width => $list->width());

print $list->width;


Sat, 26 Mar 2005 08:13:02 GMT  
 Desperately need help with HLists
All right, then -- here's some help. My first piece of advice would be to not
use HList for embedding widgets. I've generally found the end result to be less
than what I'd hoped. There a few flaws in how it handles embedded widgets -
enough to make me wonder if it's really worth it.  Having said that here is one
workaround that might help a bit:

(even with this though.. I noticed some unpleasant
behavior. Drag your mouse right across the HList and watch the display item
moved across the widgets border -- ugly, eh?)

use Tk;
use Tk::HList;

$mw = MainWindow->new(-width => 360);

$lab_orig = $mw->Label(-text => "test")->
   pack(qw/ -expand 1 -fill both/);

$list = $mw->HList(
   -background => "white",
   -itemtype => 'window',
)->pack(qw/-expand 1 -fill both/);

$list->configure(-sizecmd => [\&updateWidth, $list]);

$frame = $list->Frame;
$list->add("Buddies", -itemtype => 'window', -widget => $frame);

$lab = $frame->Label(
   -text => "teer",
   -anchor => 'w'
)->pack(qw/-side left -fill both -expand 1/);


sub updateWidth {
  my $list = shift;
  my $padx = 4;
  my $offset = ($list->cget(-borderwith) * 2) +
                     ($list->cget(-highlightthickness) * 2) +
  $list->columnWidth(0, ($list->width() - $offset));



Sat, 26 Mar 2005 11:59:02 GMT  
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