building tkperl (static linking) 
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 building tkperl (static linking)

My operating system is BSDI 386 3.0 and my computer is a 90 MHz pentium. I
have done the following:
1. removed all installed files from previous perl and Tk builds.
2. built perl 5.003_93 with static loading and 5.003 binary cmpatibility
   The 5.003 binary compatibility is necessary for linking with Tk400.202.
3. Using Tk400.202, built tkperl
4. Edited the tkperl build procedure until all external references were
   resolved. This involved linking libperl.a AFTER the Tk stuff.

The resulting tkperl, when exercised on the simple test scripts, exits
with an error message that states that I need to statically link
Tk::Menu and other objects. I have tried building tkperl by explicitly
linking all of the *.o files under Tk400.202 and gotten the same result.
I think something is missing from the Tk400.202 Makefile.PL .

Note that for BSDI 3.0 it is not at all clear how to build perl with
dynamic linking - thus I am stuck for now with the static link attempts.

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