ADMIN: clp.moderated registration software bug now fixed 
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 ADMIN: clp.moderated registration software bug now fixed

The software we use lets you post an article only if you've registered
first.  Otherwise, it sends you a message at the address in the `From'
line for your article, and you have to reply to the message to become

Some people cannot receive mail at the addresses they put in the
`From' line, and for these people there is a different procedure that
involves registering the unrepliable `From' address without actually
sending an article.  Then articles later submitted with that
unreliable `From' will be passed on to the moderators.  (Complete
details about this are at http://www.*-*-*.com/ )

Until this afternoon, this feature wasn't working properly if the
unrepliable address contained any upper-case letters.  People could
register addresses, but later when they tried to submit articles from
these addresses, the program would look up the all-lowercase version
of the address in the database and wouldn't find it.  The program
would then conclude that the article was from an unregistered user and
would send registration instructions to the unrepliable address
instead of forwarding the article to the moderation panel.

This fault is fixed now.  If
  1. You registered a mail address with us at which you can't
     actually be reached, AND
  2. This address contains upper-case letters, AND
  3. Your articles have not appeared in the group

can make sure things will work for you in the future and so that I can
release any old articles of your that we have that you still want to

On behalf of the moderation panel, great thanks to Markus Laker, who
reported the problem, and our apologies to everyone who was
inconvenienced by this.

Thu, 02 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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