How can I contact the author of PerlQt? 
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 How can I contact the author of PerlQt?


I really like PerlQt (
However, it seems that the last update was on 03/06/2000, so it's five

"mailbox quota exceeded" back. Has anyone taken over the development of
Perl-Qt? I made a fix that makes the newest version compile against Qt-2.2
beta1 and I do not know where to send it:

diff -uNr PerlQt-2.105/Makefile.PL PerlQt-patched/Makefile.PL
--- PerlQt-2.105/Makefile.PL    Tue Mar  7 05:58:24 2000

 $win32 = 1 if $OS =~ /Win/;

-$MAKE = 'Qt-1.4';
+#$MAKE = 'Qt-1.4';

 # If you want to compile using Qt-2.0, uncomment the next line
-#$MAKE = 'Qt-2.0';
+$MAKE = 'Qt-2.0';

 $ENV{QTDIR} = $win32 ? "C:\\Qt" : '/usr/lib/qt' unless $ENV{QTDIR};

diff -uNr PerlQt-2.105/Qt-2.0/Qt.pig PerlQt-patched/Qt-2.0/Qt.pig
--- PerlQt-2.105/Qt-2.0/Qt.pig  Tue Mar  7 01:28:43 2000

-        WState_USPositionX,
-        WState_PaletteSet,
-        WState_PaletteFixed,
-        WState_FontSet,
-        WState_FontFixed,
-        WState_Withdrawn
     enum WidgetFlags {

-        WStyle_Reserved2,
-        WStyle_Reserved3,


Thanks a lot for your help,
Andreas Buschka

Sun, 02 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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