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 MakeMaker: Extra libs

I've recently ran into a problem with MakeMaker and I can't find any
reference to it on deja, so here goes.

I'm trying to build the module Term::ReadLine::Gnu, which relies on a
working libreadline.a already existing on your system. The user
specifies where libreadline.a and readline.h live on their system by
specifying $libreadlinedir and $increadlinedir. The WriteMakefile()
part of Term::ReadLine::Gnu's Makefile.PL looks like this:

        'LIBS'  => [ "-L$libreadlinedir -lreadline" ],
        'INC'   => "-I$increadlinedir",

The problem with this is that the LIBS arguments gets tacked on to the
end of the link line while the INC argument gets tacked on to the
beginning. Why is this a problem? Well, let's say a user has no root
access and they just want to install the latest readline4.0 in their
home directory even though readline2.2 exists somewhere on their
system already. This causes the header files for readline4.0 to be
included first(since INC comes first), but the library path links
against readline2.2 (since LIB comes last).

It's not Term::ReadLine::Gnu's fault that this happens. I believe that
MakeMaker isn't doing the right thing. I see two fixes. The first is
to change LDDLFLAGS in WriteMakefile() like this:

    #     'LIBS'  => [ "-L$libreadlinedir -lreadline" ],
       'LIBS'    => [ -lreadline ],
       'LDFLAGS' => "-L$libreadlinedir $Config{'ldflags'}",
       'LDDLFLAGS' => "-L$libreadlinedir $Config{'lddlflags'}",
       'INC'   => "-I$increadlinedir",

This solution seems ok to me except is kind of breaks the purpose of
the LIB option. I think a better solution would be to have any
libraries listed in a LIB option come first in the link path.

Am I missing the boat here? What do other people think?


Sat, 10 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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