No -e allowed in setuid scripts? 
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 No -e allowed in setuid scripts?

I'm curious:  what is the insecure scenario which the above error
message is trying to protect against?

1) If the perl binary itself is setuid, then that seems at least as
insecure as having it read a script from the command line.  If the
perl binary is not setuid, then either 2) a setuid script file with
#!...perl is being executed, in which case -e is not being used, or 3)
perl is being called by another program which is setuid, in which case
why not let that program call perl -e as it wants to?

I guess I must be missing something but, in any case, it sure is
inconvenient.  My case falls into #3 above -- a setuid program wants
to make use of perl's services via -e without creating a separate file
to hold the one line script.  But the error message forces a separate
script file with no apparent increase in security.

Can anyone explain?

-- John Wiersba

Tue, 19 Jul 2005 10:13:48 GMT  
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