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 Unloading packages


   Is it possible to unload a package from memory and reclaim all
memory associated with this package. Reason i want to do this is
based on context in which package is required package function will
behave differently. Since i am reloading mypack again and again memory
of perl program keeps on increasing. I want to prevent this.

For example i want to do this

  #Start of main program

     delete $INC{"mypack path"};
     require "./mypack.pm";
  #End of mail program

package mypack;
 if($main::myvar =~ /.../){
   my $a, $b;
   sub abc {
      #impl 1
   my $c, $d;
   sub abc {
      #impl 2

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Mon, 12 Apr 2004 21:13:22 GMT  
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