messy win32 directory layout 
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 messy win32 directory layout

i'm using this forum now to address my problems with the official WIN32
The point is that the current (ActiveState alike) Win32 version uses a
kind of "strange" uuh directory layout which makes it next to impossible
to work with NT system and the preferred perl and msvc plus cygwin or
mingw32. or let's say nt+linux, both platforms have advantages and
disadvantages, threads vs. sockets for example. or the compiler.

for now i must install every single module twice (once for cygwin perl,
once for msvc perl) because of the run-time library path retrieval.
i also use linux and nt on the same machine (a not so uncommon
configuration) and want to access the same module library.

this is what i posted to the garbage group before:

win32/vc installers might not like the changed directory layout as it
used now.
in detail i don't like
~INST_TOP~~INST_VER~\lib\~archname~ and

i just use #!/usr/local/bin/perl if under linux or win32

the problem is that i am forced to set my path to
~INST_TOP~~INST_VER~\lib\~archname~ as well which clutters up my path
setting. just for the unusual win32/vc perl directory layout.
perl.dll decides at run-time where to look for INC
so i cannot just change it to the "normal" unix layout, which is
something like /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/$apiversion/$archname
for sitearch

most other platforms use the consistent and logical layout.
(all other?)

my simple question now is:
in which file to change this to have
e:\usr\lib\perl5.005\site\MSWin32-x86-thread and
e:\usr\bin\perl5.005 for example?

it tried several times to fix win32/ but the produced perl.dll
doesn't reflect this.
there are some hardcoded, not configurable, just plain wrong assumptions
in the win32/win32.c sources (and elsewhere) which should honor the
settings in
for example this line, from win32.c, win32_get_sitelib()
path2 = get_emd_part(path2, "site\\lib", ARCHNAME, "bin", pl, Nullch);
this is plain wrong or let's say politically incorrect.
even setting the suggested registry paths didn't work out for me.

the thing is that i want to try cygwin32, mingw32 and vc compiled
versions with the same libs, avoiding having to reinstall all the
modules again and again.

every time i fix it for myself it crawls back in with every update.
should i just try to fix this by my own. e.g. by running M4 or a perl
preprocessor on those sources on installation.

where to complain? hip? (hopefully not, but hip was the origin of this
how to get this to be "fixed"?
practical or political problems? userbase actually too large?

in my eyes activestate perl should keep their fancy layout as it is now,
but our perl should be consistent.
Reini Urban
Reini Urban

Sat, 03 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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