Found a stash of CPAN RPMs 
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 Found a stash of CPAN RPMs

Hi all --

a few weeks ago, I posted regarding putting together RPMs of Perl
5.00503 (when it's out) and some widely used module distributions:
libnet, LWP, etc.  I only got two responses, one saying "good idea, go
for it" the other saying "bad idea, building from source is good for the

However, nobody pointed out that this has already been done, and on a
much larger scale than I was planning: it appears that Red Hat has put
433 distributions from CPAN into RPMs.  Not everything is there; I
suspect they punted on distributions that don't build perfectly
automatically.  Also, I suspect these RPMs go with Perl 5.004, in
particular the 5.004 that's included with Red Hat 5.2.  This might
explain why they haven't upgraded their Perl RPM -- they'd also have to
upgrade all their CPAN RPMs, which I imagine takes many many hours of
downloading and crunching.

Go visit


if you're curious.

Just thought the Perl community should know about this.  (And if it did
already, then why didn't anybody tell me when I posted? :-)


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Mon, 23 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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