Problem with WIN32:OLE and Excel97 
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 Problem with WIN32:OLE and Excel97

I'm using Per 5.005_03 and win32:OLE to create an excel 97 spreadsheet,
populate the cells with data and do some formating and charting. I've
run into a problem putting text strings greater than 1K into a single
cell. When I try, the data never gets there, Excel seems to hang  and I
get an "undefined value" error the next time I reference the OLE object.

Increaing the buffer size with "$application->SetMaxBufSize(650000)"
didn't help.

I know Excel 97 supports up to 32K of text in a single cell, so don't
think this is an Excel problem.

Any ideas?

Jim Lawson

Tue, 26 Aug 2003 00:19:28 GMT  
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