Need help with IOCTL on HP-UX 
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 Need help with IOCTL on HP-UX

I have installed perl5.6.1.
I have compiled it myself  and have installed on that HP has
distributed. In both cases I have the same problem with IOCTL.  I  get
"invalid argument" when I try the IOCTL command.  The "invalid
arguement" is in the contents of "$!" , IOCTL returns NULL.

I have run the "h2ph -r -l *" from /usr/include.

I have tried the code below and the samlpe code that I found with the
perldocs on ioctl.  Same result as above.

Any  Suggestions?

Here is a sample of the test code:

use POSIX;
use IO::Handle;

require 'sys/';
require '';
require 'sys/';
require 'sys/';
require 'sys/';
require 'sys/';

my $junk;

my $rc = 0;

my $fd = POSIX::open("/dev/tty2a7",&POSIX::O_RDWR | &POSIX::O_NOCTTY |

my $handle = new_from_fd IO::Handle ($fd, "r");
$tcgetx = defined(&TCGETX) ? &TCGETX :0;
print "\n\nTCGETX=>>$tcgetx<<\n\n";

$rc = ioctl($handle,$tcgetx, $junk);

print "\nIOCTL RC=>>$rc<<\nSYSTEM returned >>$!<<\n\n\n";


Tue, 13 Apr 2004 20:43:13 GMT  
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