Can File::Find selectively search subdirs? 
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 Can File::Find selectively search subdirs?

>I'd like to make File::Find only search one particular subdirectory
>of a lot of top-level directories...
>For example, say I want to search every user's home
>directory for a .netscape directory,
> and then find every file
>matching /^(li|)prefs.js$/ in that subdirectory.  

It seems to me that File::Find is the wrong tool here.

I would do something more like this:

          my $dir = $data[7];  # home directory

            grep -e, "$dir/.netscape/prefs.js",

($p{$_})&6];$p{$_}=/ ^$P/ix?$P:close$_}keys%p}p;p;p;p;p;map{$p{$_}=~/^[P.]/&&
close$_}%p;wait until$?;map{/^r/&&<$_>}%p;$_=$d[$q];sleep rand(2)if/\S/;print

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