Help with Embedding and Arrays of Arrays? 
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 Help with Embedding and Arrays of Arrays?


I'm trying create a simple Perl embedding class for
a C++/Perl application a friend of mine is writing.
One of the data structures I think he is using is
an array of arrays (a 2D array).  I know how to
dereference an individual element in Perl code, but
I'm having trouble doing it in C++ code using the
Perl api.  So, if anybody out there is really good
with the Perl C api, maybe you could help me with
this vexing issue.

Right now, I'm using get_av() to get an AV* from the
Perl variable name.  That works fine. Then, I'm using
av_fetch() to retrieve an element from the array,
which should be a reference to another array (e.g.
the first row).  So, I take the SV* that I got from
av_fetch(), and convert it to a reference RV* with
SvRV().  Then, ... ... I'm stumped.  I cannot find a
way to convert the RV* reference to an array into an
AV* that I can use.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give...

Thu, 10 Jun 2004 05:15:19 GMT  
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