Emulate `enum' types? Check presence of args? 
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 Emulate `enum' types? Check presence of args?

I build operator trees, so I have a class BoolOp (for instance) with a
constructor which is used like this:

$x = new BoolOp( type  => 'and',
                 left  => $left,
                 right => $right );

Writing several classes like this leads to the following replicated
boilerplate-style code:

* Check that all of `type', `left', and `right' are present in the arg
  list (except if `type' is `not', then `left' is not given).

* Check that `type' has one of the allowed values `and', `or', `not'.

Right now, I have a %parm hash for the constructor args and do things
like this:

$parm{type} or die "Missing arg `type'";
$parm{type} eq 'and' or $parm{type} eq 'or' or $parm{type} eq 'not'
  or die "Wrong arg `type', must be one of `and', `or', `not'";
$parm{type} eq 'not' or $parm{left} or die "Missing arg `left'";
$parm{right} or die "Missing arg `right'";
$self->{type} = $parm{type};
$parm{type} eq 'not' or $self->{left} = $parm{left};
$self->{right} = $parm{right};

As you can see, this gets rather tedious rather quickly.  Is there a
way to ease the pain?

(I `use fields' and there is some stuff in the documentation about
initializing pseudo-hashes; I think this does not apply to the above
question, but maybe I have misunderstood the documentation?)

kai (happy user of Perl 5.6.0 on a Unix system)
I like BOTH kinds of music.

Sat, 04 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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