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June's meeting of the London Perl M[ou]ngers will be next Thursday
(June 3rd). As usual we'll be meeting in the downstairs bar of
Penderel's Oak on High Holborn at about 6:30pm. Some of us may be
drinking Thirsty Camel. Most of us will be drinking beer.

Special Events For The June Meeting

1/ The results of Dave, Greg and Dave's "let's think up the stupidest
set of rules to a Perl programming competition possible whilst heavily
underthe influence of {*filter*}" competition (assuming, of course, that
anyone bothered to enter).

2/ The first Perl Monger hats to go on sale anywhere in Europe. Just
seven and a half of your Earth pounds.

Anyone vaguely connected with Perl who lives, works or (on the night)
can be in London will be made very welcome.


p.s. I *really* don't know why I'm advertising this, but photos of
previous meetings can be found on our web site at
< http://www.*-*-*.com/ >


< http://www.*-*-*.com/ >

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