What level of Perl needed for my system() call to work? 
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 What level of Perl needed for my system() call to work?

Thanks for tying. It seems to be that my Linux 6.2/Perl 5.005
combo necessitates me using the . command version, as in:
cd ../handlers
./process net://Eh:9613 90000000 > /dev/null

Which works for Linux 7.0/Perl 5.6 as well.
I still don't know if it is Perl limitation or not,
suspect not...
It looks like it was running tcsh, even though the
prompt was $ ! :(



> > From the console:

> > Connecting on issuing command:
> > ../handlers/process net://Eh:9613 90000000 > /dev/null
> > at Wed Apr  4 09:54:41 2001

> > (There is no carriage return in the actual command)

> So the actual command being run is:

> ../handlers/process net://Eh:9613 90000000 > /dev/null

> right?

> The only things I can think of are:

> * Current directory isn't what's expected so the relative path isn't
> working.

> * Something in the environment is different and that's leading to a
> failure of some kind.

> Wish I could offer more insight....

> --
> Ren Maddox


Gary Wesley
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Tue, 23 Sep 2003 01:37:14 GMT  
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