(newbie) textbook featuring extended pascal and object pascal 
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 (newbie) textbook featuring extended pascal and object pascal


> ... snip ...

> > As for people passing around copies of the standard in text format, PDF
> > format, etc.  Please note that the IEEE still owns the copyright.  While
> > they probably don't care anymore, I thought I should remind everybody.

> Quote from the standard:

> > This online copy of the Extended Pascal standard is provided only as an aid
> > to standardization. In the case of differences between this online version
> > and the printed version, the printed version takes precedence.

> Which I take as permission to promulgate (not to sell).  If they
> really do care all it should require is a "don't do that" call to
> any sites posting it.

> I believe it (the text version) be appearing "real soon now" on:

>     http://www.*-*-*.com/

Well, maybe not "real soon now".  I sent it to Bill Catanbray in
response to his e-mail to me, and it all came back!.


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Sat, 17 Apr 2004 23:15:55 GMT  
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