Chair-Pak !! a backapck with a built in Chair !! 
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 Chair-Pak !! a backapck with a built in Chair !!


Chair-Pak is a great idea!!!

                 It's a Backpack AND a built-in Chair!!!    

                       See it at http://www.*-*-*.com/

          3 Sizes    Full Pak,  Day Pak, and a Child Pak!

How many times have you gone somewhere and needed a chair ?
beach                                      waiting in line                          with friends
 hiking                                     around the campfire                conventions
 air shows                                at the park                             in line at the DMV
 outdoor concerts                    hiking trails                             car shows
 camping                                 on campus                             reading at the poo l /beach
 fishing                                    trekking                                  rest areas
poetry readings                       jams                                        outdoor games
outdoor sport events              story telling to children             picnics
theme parks                           national parks                          hunting    
backyard                                outdoor weddings                  and anywhere you want to SIT!!!

                               Carry your stuff and your chair where ever you go!!!

                                           Where do you want to sit today?

Chair-Pak is made of the strong durable Dupont Cordura and the frame is of strong and light T6 aluminum.

If you would like to order, or get more information about Chair-Pak, please visit our web site  


Fri, 17 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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