TmT Pascal Lite question 'Speed Bumps' 
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 TmT Pascal Lite question 'Speed Bumps'

I've notice in my code that there appears to be a slowdown about every
other second.  Any help understanding that would be appretiated.

Also somtimes with an expression like
       Type(N^)[a+b*constant]:=Constant; I get an arithmetic overFlow
What's with that?

Also sometimes a program will work when run in the IDE but the
compiled exe will generate and error.  Specifically I was working with
the square roots of floating points and Integers.  The error in from
the exe was invalid floating point operation.  If you know something
which would shed light on the situation let me know.  I have taught
myself Pascal but someone in a classroom setting might have learned
something I didn't.  Anyway thanks for your time

Jesse Palmer

Sun, 28 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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