cluster size? 
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 cluster size?


>>    How I can find out the cluster size of different hard discs?
>>    Which function/procedure I need?
>>I use Turbo-Pascal 7.0.

>I do not know appropriate functions of standard TP7, but have my own
>unit for disk examination. Well, it may be an overshoot for you, but it
>definitely works. I hope, comments are sufficient. If necessary, contact
>to me in English. Despite I work currently in Frankfurt, my German, alas
>:-( is very poor.

>Follows text of the unit:

>{Author : V.Nesterov}

>unit DiskInfo;
>{Warning! the UNDOCUMENTED DOS function 32 is used. May be changed in
>future versions. Tested in Windows 95. Works both in MS-DOS and Windows

Why make life so hard? Function $1C, Interrupt 21 will return the
Sectors/cluster, clusters/disk, and bytes/sector. All you need after that are a
few simple calculations, and your type definition is greatly reduced!

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