DOS 132x50 Text Mode problem. 
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 DOS 132x50 Text Mode problem.

Hello everyone,

First I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, I hope so :-).  I'm
using FreePascal (which is Ansi-ISO compliant to my belief.

Really not just 132x50  and 132xXX mode seem to cause the same thing.  I'm
in a DOS IDE supplied by the.  I execute the code that follows Once, the
screen is initialized, but seems all messed up when writing things every is
offsetted and doesn't appear where it should on the screen.  I stop the
application, and simply Run it again and the screen fixes itself.  I've seen
programs written in Pascal that work great the first time even on my system
so I know it's nto a hardware issue per say.  I'm thinking there's something
missing in there, an initialization or something needs to be emptied, I just
dont know what.  Here's the code sample.

PROGRAM TestVideo;


        Mode132by25 = $109;
        Mode132by43 = $10A;
        Mode132by50 = $10B;
        Mode132by60 = $10C;

PROCEDURE SetupMode(WhichMode: Word): Assembler;
        MOV AH,  04FH
        MOV AL, 002H
        MOV BX, WhichMode
        INT 010H

PROCEDURE CloseMode(): Assembler;
        MOVE AX, 003H
        INT 010H

        GotoXY(1, 1);
        Write('This is a test');
        Write('This is another Test');

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has been a headache of mine
for a couple weeks now.

Thank you very much,  in advance for any help.

Stephane Richard
Software Developer

Mon, 03 Oct 2005 20:41:41 GMT  
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