Competent Pascal and C programmers needed for a great project 
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 Competent Pascal and C programmers needed for a great project

I am writing to inform people about the fate of a truly great
visual-type BASIC language system which is very complete and very
affordable (currently free). Its developer has been hired by another
company, and although it remains available, it will not be supported
according to current plans of the company since there is no one to work
on it. The language is extremely well-done--as far as I know the best
of similar languages in the lower price range--but of course, as with
any big project there are still a few bugs and some features which need
adding, and it's a shame for development to stop there.

My purpose in writing is to (1) introduce this great, currently free
product to BASIC programmers, since the product is still available in
its last release, (2) invite those who find it appealing to write the
company which owns it to ask for the company to consider letting a
third-party group continue its development, and most importantly (3) to
invite skillful Pascal and C/C++ programmers who are interested in the
project, or small companies, to consider forming a group to make a
proposal to the company to license this product and continue it. I'm not
connected with the products involved except as a user.

The language (for Windows, Linux, and Unix) is called Rapid-Q. It was
released in July 1999 and updated frequently until August 2000. It has a
slew of useful features, just about everything the average developer
would need from a VB-type product, and an intuitive IDE for designing
the programs. It makes small, single-file executables. (Great!)

You can find the web page for the product and read about it and download


You'll soon find that it's a great product, with very little lacking, a
very standard implementation of all features, and with some endearing
unique aspects.

The problem is that when RapidQ's developer (William Yu) was hired by
REALSoftware (which also makes a visual-type BASIC), RapidQ lost its
development. It was decided that REALSoftware would purchase RapidQ in
order to pay Mr. Yu for his time spent on the project (which was
freeware), and because parts of the software could be used in developing
REAL's own product. Mr. Yu did not have time to continue developing
RapidQ, and opensourcing it did not seem like a good option, so there
are no current plans for continuing the project in its own form.
However, REALSoftware has expressed openness to proposals about
third-party licensing to develop RapidQ.

RapidQ and REALSoftware's main product (REALBasic) are different enough
that they would probably not compete directly; they might appeal to
users for different purposes according to preference and features
needed. REALBasic is cross-platform, but currently the IDE is for
Macintosh only, with plans to bring a Windows IDE later, and to use some
of RapidQ's code to implement REALBasic in Linux. REAL could perhaps
benefit (IMHO) from providing a product with a Windows IDE and a
corresponding userbase at the current time, since REALBasic doesn't have
a Windows IDE yet. Also, in the long term, RapidQ would probably provide
an alternative to REALBasic, according to preference, so that both
products could reasonably be continued and even complementary.

In the opinion of some, including myself, REALSoftware would be wise to
let a third party group continue the RapidQ project as inexpensive
shareware in order to provide support for users, fix bugs, and make a
few enhancements and added features regularly. Without much competition
in the low price range, RapidQ should be able to have a *very* broad
user base with some promotion, and if done correctly, this could provide
some profit for the developers as well as for REAL and the original

So if you try RapidQ and see its potential, please let REALSoftware know
that you are interested in seeing this product continue as shareware and
how important it is to BASIC programmers. (But please be polite, of
course.) You can get acquainted with RapidQ at the web page previously
mentioned, and you can find out more about the recent transactions by
joining this list:


By searching for messages from "Perlman" (the REALSoftware CEO) and
browsing the most recent pages of messages, you can catch up on the
recent developments.

However, to post your support for continuing Rapid-Q as a user, please
use the new petition list instead, so that the main list will not be
flooded. The more people who express their interest, the more chance we
may have of continuing this great product. RapidQ would be ideal for
everyone from students learning to program to companies developing
commercial products with it. Please indicate that you would be willing
to pay a reasonable shareware fee also, since this was a concern
expressed at one point. The petition list is located at:


The introductory message when you subscribe to the group will include
the general idea of the petition, and feel free to add any additional
comments as you post.

Most importantly, if you are a skillful Pascal or C/C++ programmer
(RapidQ is written in delphi and C) who would like to be part of a
project in continuing a full-featured product like this for experience
and very possibly some profit, please join the RapidQDev list and let us
know your experience, etc. REALSoftware is looking for a serious
proposal from a group with the skills to handle the project. The
introductory message when you join will include the general idea I've
put forward, but feel free to propose something different and better if
you have an idea. The most important thing is to form a capable team
with a stable interest in developing Rapid-Q and able to make an
proposal which REALSoftware will accept. The dev group is located here:



Curry Kenworthy

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