running win95 exe file from pascal 
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 running win95 exe file from pascal

I am trying to call certain windows95 exe (e.g. media player) programs
from my turbo Pascal6.0 program. I have used the exec command and it
will call and run the program and allow me to pass it parameters but I
can't figure out how to get it to open the window maximized and more
importantly how to get it to return gracefully to my pascal program
after it has played the .wav file or I have clicked on the exit button
in the program in windows.
I have tried running a batch file from the pascal program using the exec
command because then I could use the start /max batch file command (and
pass parameters to the windows program and possibly get it to come back
to pascal) but windows terminates the pascal program with a {*filter*} error
message saying I "tried to execute an invalid instruction".

Any suggestions  on running batch files from a Turbo Pascal program or
on opening and closing windows exe files from TP would be much
appreciated. I've tried so many different combinations, my eyes are

Sat, 09 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 running win95 exe file from pascal

I want a .exe or .com DOS, or Win95 utility, that allows a directory full of
differently named files to be sequentially auto-renamed.

For example, I might have a load of files such as


 and I want to enter a seed name such as "file1.*" and end up with


Ideally the filetype would be left untouched: sometimes the extensions would
be all the same, sometimes they might be mixed as in this example.

Can anyone help with anything like this? Any ideas?

I apologise in advance if this is an inappropriate post, and for the

I am an electronics engineer with NO programming ability. Did have a long
time ago, but not anymore!

Tue, 12 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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