Please help me with a favor! (c: 
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 Please help me with a favor! (c:

Hi!  I'm looking for anyone who wouldn't mind helping me out, if they
can. Here's the deal.  I recently bought a book that gives a really cool
little Pascal program that shows some "hidden" photos of the creators when
run on a Mac SE.  I'm dying to see them (I know it's no big deal, but you
know, it's like when somebody says, "I got a secret about frogs and I'm
not telling you, nyah nyah!" and those nyahs just kill you until you find
out :)  ) Anyways, I don't have a compiler!  Is there anyone out there
with the appropriate software to compile this program for the SE that
wouldn't mind letting me send it to you to compile and send back?

Many thanks in advance!!

Sat, 18 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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