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 FastGEO ver 3.0

I am happy to announce the release of FastGEO ver3.0
after being swampped by hundreds of e-mails, I decided to make ver 3.0

   The current version of FastGEO ver 3.0 has the following properties:

    FastGEO current capabilites:                                        
    01. Segment Intersection detection method                            
    02. Segment Intersection point calculation method                    
    03. Segment half point calculation method                            
    04. Point in Triangle detection method                              
    05. Point in Rectangle detection method                              
    06. Point in Circle detection method                                
    07. Point in Quadix detection method                                
    08. Point in Sphere detection method                                
    09. Point in 2D/3D pre-defined portal detection method              
    10. Point on Convex/Concave (non-complex) polygon method            
    11. Point in Convex/Concave (non-complex) polygon method            
    12. 2D/3D point to point distance calculation                        
    13. External Tangent 3-point Circle creation method                  
    14. 2D/3D Polygon Centroid calculation                              
    15. Polygon-Segment Intersection detection method                    
    16. Polygon-Polygon Intersection detection method                    
    17. Polygon Construction routine                                    
    18. Circular Hull and Rectangular Hull creation methods              
    19. Sphere Hull calculation method                                  
    21. 2D/3D Vector Addition routine                                    
    22. 2D/3D Vector Subtraction routine                                
    23. 2D/3D Unit vector calculation routine                            
    24. 2D/3D Magnitude calculation routine                              
    25. 2D/3D Dot Product calculation routine                            
    26. 2D/3D Point rotation routine                                    

    In future versions of FastGEO the following properties              
    will be added:                                                      
    01. 3D Segment intersection detection method                        
    02. 2D/3D Convex-Hull creation method                                
    03. 2D/3D Polygon triangulation method                              
    04. Ray-Triangle intersection detection method                      
    05. Ray-Sphere intersection detection method                        
    06. 3D polygon-polygon inersection detection method                  
    07. Point in polyhedra detection method                              

    FastGEO is a library that contains a very wide range of geometrical
    methods and algorithims, that can be used in many different types of
    FastGEO was first compiled on a dark stormy night in winter of 1997.
    At that point there was no real comprehensive libraries available for
    geometric operation on the G.P.L scene.
    Since the first version of FastGEO many different demo groups,
    application groups and plain old hobby programmers have found FastGEO
    to be an invaluable asset to their applications and development work.
    Development of FastGEO is on going, and will not stop anytime in the near
    Initially FastGEO was a library under GPL, but after version 3.0 it has
    become copyrighted by Arash Partow. All versions of FastGEO previous to
    FastGEO version 3.0 are under GPL and maybe used as is, and is still
    bounded by the international GPL agreement.

    People are needed that can:
    01. Help make and maintain a webpage for distributing FastGEO
    02  Setup a problem reporting system for FastGEO development
    03. Write documentation for FastGEO
    04. Write small demos for each routine
    05. Port the library to other languages (C\C++, Java, Ada)
    06. Perform Alpha and Beta testing
    07. Add more routines and functionalty to FastGEO
    08. Help FastGEO's distribution on the net, newsgroups etc.

    People that would like to and are capable of helping are strongly
    urged to contact the author Arash Partow for details on how and where
    to begin development of FastGEO.

    The FastGEO Library was wholly written by Arash Partow and is supplied
    as is, under copyright laws that govern this current version of FastGEO.
    For further information or questions about FastGEO please free to contact
    the author of FastGEO Arash Partow.

    ICQ   : #24667459

    If you would like a copy of FastGeo Version 3 please feel free to mail me
    and i'll send it to you ASAP.

    Well for now thats it from me, i waiting for everyones replies and requests for
    FastGEO hopefully in a couple of weeks time I'll have a page up and running where
    the latest version of FastGEO can be downloaded at your own descreation.


    Arash Partow

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Thu, 20 Mar 2003 05:42:21 GMT  
 FastGEO ver 3.0


>I am happy to announce the release of FastGEO ver3.0
>after being swampped by hundreds of e-mails, I decided to make ver 3.0

Looks nice. What compilers ? :-)

Fri, 21 Mar 2003 14:35:00 GMT  
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