programming help needed 
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 programming help needed

Hi there, well I have to write a program for Computer Science.
Now you might think that I'm very stupid if I ask for help, well
the reason I ask is because nobay can help me with the program.

It's a very complecated matter and it is not  the normal
stuff everyone at write (Graphics, etc.).

If anybody would be so nice to say the if I get a problem that I
can ask them, will you please netmail (or E-mail) me on:

or RsaNET: 27:40/4
   UnityNET: 71:1021/6

   Thank you for your help

   (PS: I want to write a small LAN proggie that will run it the
    and every computer connected can share other's ports and drives.
    I've decided to write this because when I looked for a program that
    can do this, there was not one that can run in the background...)

    Johannes Rust

... A feature is a bug with seniority.

Sun, 09 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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