Free LFN-capable Dos/WinDos replacement 
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 Free LFN-capable Dos/WinDos replacement

I am proud to announce the public release of GDOS.PAS, a free LFN-capable
replacement for the standard DOS/WINDOS.PAS units. The GDOS units, IDE help
file and source code can be downloaded from my website:


Version 2.10 (beta). 4th September 2000

                            Who needs this unit?

Turbo or Borland Pascal 7.0 application programmers who want:

  (1)  Their programs to provide Long File Name (LFN) support under
       operating systems that provide it, but still work equally well when
       run on the standard DOS/Win3.x "8.3" FAT file system, without the
       hassle of having to make lots (if any) LFN tests in their own code.

       Long file name support is controlled by a compiler option, so those
       that do not want GDOS to provide LFN support can have all the other
       benefits of GDOS without pulling in the extra LFN code.

  (2)  To be able to write fast, powerful, robust DPMI applications using
       the same (Pascal) code they would use to write the same application
       for the DOS real-mode target. Powerful means having easy access to
       almost all the DOS/BIOS and device driver API calls. Robust means
       their programs do not have to worry about which DOS/BIOS/device
       driver calls are emulated by whatever DPMI server/Dos Extender their
       application happens to be run under.

  (3)  A simpler, faster , standard and more robust way of "hooking" real
       mode and protected mode interrupts, and setting up operating system
       (real mode) callbacks.

  (4)  A unit with a more powerful and robust disk drive and file API than
       either the standard DOS.PAS or WINDOS.PAS units provide.

  (5)  A unit that provides easier internationalization of their application;
       like (ultra-fast) uppercase and lowercase functions that work with
       extendend characters correctly, and functions that automatically
       format the time and date according to the convensions of the country
       of the end user.

  (6)  A unit that provides comprehensive documentation, including a TP7/BP7
       IDE compatible help file (GDOS.TPH) that provides a help screen for
       every public type, constant, variable and function provided by the

                         Summary of the GDOS unit

GDOS has been designed to be a robust replacement for the standard Borland
Dos, WinDos and Strings units, though please be aware that it is NOT a 100%
plug-in replacement. The LFN version also "patches" (at run-time) many of
the System unit's standard procedures (Assign, ChDir, Rename etc) so that all
your application's file/path based functions support long file names. GDos
uses 80386 machine code in places, so requires at least an 80386 to run on.

There is NOTHING the DOS.PAS or WINDOS.PAS unit provides that GDOS does not,
so there is never any need to use them with GDOS. GDos merges the API's of
DOS.PAS, WINDOS.PAS and STRINGS.PAS into a single unit, then relies on TP's
"Smart Linking" to remove unused procedures from you application executable.

          *** GDOS.TPW is completely untested at this time ****

Jason Burgon - Author of "Graphic Vision"
***New LFN-capable evaluation version 2.10 ***
Professional Win95-style GUI for DOS/DPMI

Wed, 05 Mar 2003 13:08:05 GMT  
 Free LFN-capable Dos/WinDos replacement


>                            Who needs this unit?
>                            --------------------

>Turbo or Borland Pascal 7.0 application programmers who want:

Hmm, why c.l.p.MISC then?

Thu, 06 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
 Free LFN-capable Dos/WinDos replacement


> >                            Who needs this unit?
> >                            --------------------

> >Turbo or Borland Pascal 7.0 application programmers who want:

> Hmm, why c.l.p.MISC then?

For ex-BP users that turned to something else because they could do the things
GDOS.PAS will now allow them to.


Jason Burgon - Author of "Graphic Vision"
Professional Win95-style GUI for DOS/DPMI
Graphic Vision evaluation (version 2.04) available from:

Thu, 06 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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