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 Programming Questions

        Hello, my name is Jeffrey and I have to present a speech on my
career in school.  For this speech, I need an interview with someone who
is currently in the career that I have selected.  Since my career is
computer programming, I would appreciate it very much if a computer
programmer would please take a few moments and answer most, and if
possible, all of my questions.  My speech is on Monday, February 19, 2001,
so I would greatly appreciate a response by 8:00 PM on Sunday, February

1.      Please state your name.
2.      What is your job title?
3.      What company or companies do you/have you worked for/at?
4.      What {*filter*}communication skills are you required to use?
5.      What written communication skills do you use?
6.      What other forms of communication do you use?
7.      Is there opportunity for advancement in your job?
8.      Do you make more than $50,000?
9.      What education does your job require (College degree, etc.)?
10.     Do you like your career?
11.     What inspired you to become a computer programmer?
12.     Is your job stressful?  

Thank You Very Much for Your Help!

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Thu, 07 Aug 2003 07:30:09 GMT  
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