Monitering key presses 
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 Monitering key presses

Hey All,
  I am attempting to moniter the keystokes made by the user in the
game.  The user will use the arrows for movment and for faster movment
use cpntrol + an arrow.  This is where I start to run into a problem.
I want to not read it but know when a key(s) are pressed and when they
are released.  For example, the user may be running forward and trhen
want to jump (by pressing up) without having to release ctrl + right
(for example)  So currently, Ctrl + Right + Up are all pressed.  ANd
it return NOTHING.  Their must be an interupt of some sort or
somewhere in memory where I can access the status.... If they can do
it in doom and thousands of other games, it must be possible.

If you can, Please by EMail!
Thanks in advance!


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Sat, 05 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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