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 FPC: no more linking problems


I am glad to say that I have solved the linking problems (so far, and I
hope not see any linking errors the next few weeks/months). Actually
there are still some errors when trying to test svgalib, but I really
don't care any more, perhaps I will post it someday.
Joe, thanks for your list, but I don't have any of the files listed
there, so this was not the problem. But I will keep it (perhaps I will
need it later).

But I have another problem, and a remark.

The problem is probably a bit off-topic here, but I don't want to
search for some linux-newsgroup, just to post one question. But the
question has to do with the video-unit from FreePascal.
I have this program (from the FPC-manual):

program testvideo;

uses video, keyboard, vidutil;

    i : longint;
    k : TKeyEvent;

    for i := 1 to 10 do
      TextOut(i,i, 'Press any key to clear screen');

    k := GetKeyEvent;

    TextOut(1,1, 'Cleared screen. Press any key to end.');
    k := GetKeyEvent;

and the vidutil-unit (also from the manual, there is only one procedure:

Let's begin with the easy part: my remark.

The compiler writes:

testvideo.pas(7,5) Note: Local variable K is assigned but never used

Is it a bug? As I can see the variable is being used in the program.

And now the problem: I can't switch to text-mode with CTRL-ALT-Fx. To say
it in other words: it works, but linux doesn't switch to textmode, the
graphics mode remains and the desktop "freezes" and there are also some
strange lines at the top of the screen. I can then go back with ALT-F8.
So it seems I can't use the video-unit, because the unit doesn't work
under the KDE-shell (nothing happens there).

Does someone know how to solve this problem?


Wed, 15 Dec 2004 05:08:30 GMT  
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