FPC - Socket Problem 
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 FPC - Socket Problem

 i've written a little TCP/IP IRCX Server under linux with Free Pascal.

I send messages to the Client with fdwrite([socket],[msg],[msglength]);
but i have the problem if the client is no more connected the programm
quits and the de{*filter*}-says "programm .... do not run doserror=13"
i tryed really anything i  know :( but i cant find out how to capture this
error-event ... i tryed ...
try except ....
so i have only 2 chances ....

1. some one can tell me how i found out if a client is connected or not
2. some one can tell me how to process this doserror=13 without stop running
the programm

really max. thx for any useful response
mfg {*filter*}gen

Mon, 10 Jan 2005 17:23:25 GMT  
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