Linux/PPC port of FPC working 
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 Linux/PPC port of FPC working


I'm very happy I can announce that for the first time, yesterday a "make
cycle" of the Free Pascal Compiler ( worked under
Linux/PPC! This means that compiler was able to compile the RTL and
itself, then recompile the RTL and itself using the compiler created in
the previous step and then repeat this process once more (and the two
last compiler binaries are equal). This means that the PowerPC code
generator can be considered fairly stable (since the compiler is 120000+
lines of code and the RTL is also quite big).

There's still quite a bit to clean up though, and the speed of the
generated code is far from optimal as well (if you thought gcc generated
bad code for the PowerPC, forget it, there's a new kid in town :) I'm
not sure what the next steps will be exactly. I'll definitely look into
making parts of the optimizer platform independent (just like we did
with the code generator) and a Darwin/Mac port is also in the works.
Additionally, someone is working on a classic Mac OS port as well and he
has already small programs running in siow windows.

Happy weekend everyone! :)


Thu, 10 Nov 2005 20:25:18 GMT  
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