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cc>   Below is a story of a boy who has a dying wish of recieving one milli
cc> cards before he dies of brain tumour. Please take this opportunity to h
cc>        Craig Shirgold is a 7 year old boy who lives in Keen, N.H.
cc>  He is dying from an inoperable brain tumor.

Having seen so many of the "Craig Shergold card request" posts, I'm
sending this instead of lectures, nagging or flame mail. Please feel
free to copy this and send it to anyone who posts the "Craig Shergold
card request" as long as you copy it complete and unedited.


last updated: 4/17/96

I have seen your post concerning the request for cards for Craig
Shergold. I have good news for you. That request originated WAY BACK
in 1989 (tho it is still circulating as if new), and Craig is now in
his late {*filter*}s. If you want the full story, read the August 1994
"Reader's Digest". The book section, "This Song Is For You", is a
condensation of his mother's book "Craig Shergold: A Mother's Story".
Further information is available on the net from Make-a-Wish at
" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;. They also have a pre-recorded
message at 1-800-215-1333, ext. 184.

Please DO NOT send postcards/business cards/get-well cards or any
other kind of cards to the Royal Marsden Hospital in England, the
Make-A-Wish Foundation in Atlanta, or any other group. The cards
hinder their present work, and are sold for scrap.

If you wish to do something constructive for kids with cancer, I
recommend making a donation to an organization such as the Leukemia
Society of America. They provide support (including financial support)
to families who have a loved one fighting leukemia. They've been a big
help to us, and they deserve your support. (Send 'em the $2 you were
going to spend on a get-well card for Craig!) One address you may
write to is:

                    Leukemia Society of America
                    Central Florida Chapter
                    3101 Maguire Blvd., Suite 225
                    Orlando, FL   32803
                    Phone: (407) 898-0733

If you wish to give to them "in honor" of someone, give in honor of
James Webb, my son, who with the help of effective prayers and good
medical help is in remission and doing well, over a year after he was
diagnosed with leukemia. NOTE: The purpose of this suggestion is NOT
to request for money for James personally--I only offer an opportunity
to attach a name to your concern if you so desire.

Thanks for caring about kids with cancer.
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