Delphi: Read-only units initially 
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 Delphi: Read-only units initially

I have ugly problem with Delphi. Any time I create new form, unit
automatically generated for it is set "READ-ONLY" (I can see it marked when I
click right mouse button on the file). The only solution to that I found is to
unmark it immediately after it was created and rename the unit. If I didn't do
it right away, delphi would not be able to write to the unit and would lose
synchronization completely. I suspect if it reads form's templates from CD it
sets new unit's read-only flag automatically according to what is on CD. Well,
I do not have writable CD-ROM device, so all files on CD are read-only,
therefore new unit is READ-ONLY, too. Does anybody know if there is any option
to turn READ-ONLY flags automatically off, either through the interface or
directly in INI file ? Or is this Delphi known bug ?

Sat, 27 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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