wincrt and freepascal 
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 wincrt and freepascal

  I'm faily new to FreePascal, using version 1.9.2.

  I make extensive use of the WinCRT unit in Turbo Pascal Windows 1.5
. Yes, I know that I can use the console instead of the WinCRT unit.

  I'm having difficulty in converting my delphi apps that uses the
WinCRT unit. An example program is as follows;

program EXP;

uses WinCrt;


When I execute EXP.exe, the output goes to the console, not a
window that emulates a text-only dumb terminal.

When I change the program;

it compiles fine, but when I execute mywincrt.exe, I get the following
in a Windows MessageBox;

Runtime error 103 at 0x00401054

I'm no doubt missing something very simple, so assistance from the
experts out there would be appreciated.


pacheco vieira

Fri, 02 Dec 2005 18:57:12 GMT  
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