Need help parsing RIFF WAVE_FORMAT_ADPCM (.wav) header in format chunk 
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 Need help parsing RIFF WAVE_FORMAT_ADPCM (.wav) header in format chunk


I am having some trouble locating good documentation that I can use to setup
some Pascal code to parse the format chunk of a .wav file in the

I need to determine Channels, Frequency, and Length (in seconds).

For WAVE_FORMAT_PCM, I can get the Length from dividing the data size by the
frequency.  However, this calculation doesn't work when applied to
WAVE_FORMAT_ADPCM format files.

Do the Samples Per Block or Coefficients come into play?  I do not need
anything above and beyond the parsing of the header.  

Does anyone have the formula to calculate the length (in seconds) of the


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Fri, 03 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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