HELP: Info dialog in BPW 
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 HELP: Info dialog in BPW

Hi !

Have you seen how BPW or Netscape starts ? Before the main window pops up you can see little
info window [ usualy with some bitmap or icon ] which tells what program is loading and so on ...
[ Borland Pascal for windows 7.0 Copyright .... for BPW ]. I want to do it myself , but this just
don't go :-( I created simple dialog with bitmap and some text in ResorceWorkshop , but I can't
load it! As I understand it I must use the DialogBox function to open it as modal dialog , but
the only result I have - General protection fault ... :-( Here's my code :

{$R XKill.RES}  {This is my resorce file. Dialog I want to display is named "About" );
USES OWindows,ODialogs,WINCRT,WInAPI,toolhelp,Win31,WinProcs,WinTypes,MMSystem,Strings;
{ I use everything I can to be shure :-) }

VAR DHook:tFarProc;

function DefDlgProc(Dlg:hWnd;Msg,wParam:Word;lParam:LongInt):LongInt;
   WasteSomeTime;  {Delay , so user can read the info in the dialog}



But this don't work ! I must be missing something :-( So , it would be so kind of you to post here
any ideas or [ I'm looking forward to see this ] brief example.

10xxxx in advance :-)

C U PalZ :-)

Wed, 30 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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