ptoc.tgz Pascal to C/C++ converter, w/ Borland Graphics Interface 
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 ptoc.tgz Pascal to C/C++ converter, w/ Borland Graphics Interface

Thank you for your contribution. This upload is now available as
 844978 Sep 8 17:36

: Date: Tue, 9 Sep 97 12:29:42 MET DST

: Subject: ptoc.tgz Pascal to C/C++ converter uploaded
: File name: ptoc.tgz
: One line description: ANSI/TurboPascal to C/C++ converter+BGI emulator
: Replaces:
: Suggested Garbo directory: /unix/programming

: Author or company: Knizhnik K.A.

: Surface address:
: Special requirements:
: Shareware payment required from private users: N
: Shareware payment required from corporates: N
: Distribution limitations: N
: Garbo CD-ROM distribution allowed without preconditions: Y
: Demo: N
: Nagware: N
: Self-documenting: Y
: External documentation included: N
: Source included: Yes
: Size: 844978
: 10 lines description:
: PTOC is yet another Pascal to C/C++ converter. The primary idea of this
: converter is to produce readable and supportable code which
: preserves style of original code as far as possible.
: Converter recognizes Pascal dialects which are compatible with
: Turbo Pascal 4.0/5.0 and new ISO Pascal standard IEC 7185:1990(E)
: (including conformant arrays). Now it is tuned for Oregon Pascal2 V2.1
: which has few extensions to standard Pascal.
: Also emulation libraries of Borland Graphics Interface (BGI)
: for Xwindows and Windows95/NT are included in this distribution. BGI
: emulators can also be used without converter for C programs using BGI.
: Long description:

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