IDAPI configuration and record locking 
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 IDAPI configuration and record locking

Hi all

  I have a multiuser application developed in delphi.  Everything seems
fine, but I just notice a problem which I think is a bug in the IDAPI

  This is the situation
   2 machines (win95)
   1 server (NT)

  The database is on the server.
  Machine 1 is mapped to the server drive as G:
  Machine 2 is mapped to the server drive as F:

  the net directory on both machines is the same except that the drive
  is different because of the drive mapping.
  The alias on both system is the same except for the drive as above.

I can edit the same record on both machines at the same time with no
execption raised. Sometimes  I get a windows95 message box saying that
the file I am trying to use is in use by another application.
(I don't think that is comming from the IDAPI, but I am not sure).

When I reconnet both machines to the server so that they both are using
the same drive letter, the windows error telling me that a file is in
use by another application is gone.  Also I get the exception about
editing the same record from the two machines. Which is what I should be
getting in the first place.  Except that the message is as follows.
  Record already locked by this session.  I thought that it should say
record already locked by another user.

Having to map all users to the same drive letter is very incovinient
for peer-to-peer networks. i.e win95

Thanks in advance.
Jose R Nebro

Sun, 27 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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