IMPORTANT: Where to get information on connecting D2 SQL-Links to DB's 
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 IMPORTANT: Where to get information on connecting D2 SQL-Links to DB's

Just to save anyone else the pain that we have epxerienced trying to connect
delphi 2 SQL-Links to an ORACLE database, I thought I would post how to get
the information that you need.

As you will realise if you have tried to connect to any of the databases
except Interbase, there is NO information supplied with D2 on how to actually
connect to an ORACLE database on the CD. However, if you look on the borland
web page ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) under Techinfo/SQL-Links there are
information sheets for ORACLE, SYBASE and MS-SQL. By exactly following the
ORACLE instructions we were successful, but we wasted about a man-week on this
problem as we didnt know that these information sheets existed.

I hope that someone out there will NOT have to repeat this process because of
this message.

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