D1: Query's Expression too long??? 
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 D1: Query's Expression too long???


System Details: delphi 1, DBase IV tables, Windows 3.11, Novell Client, BDE

I am writing a program that has a query against a large table that adds up
the contents of certain fields (using SUM(field name)) from a table. The
records are selected by using a where clause that grows dynamically
depending on choices made by the user. I cycle through a list of items the
user may select from, and if they have been tagged, I add it to the query.
I know that each line in a TQuery can only be 255 chars and that it is made
up of a string list, so I add each entry to a new line so that I never
exceed the line length limit. The problem is that when the user selects
more than some certain number of items against the one field name, and I
create the query accordingly, the program crashes giving a very
uninformative error message saying that a GPF has occured in IDQRY01.DLL.
It works perfectly up until some certain number of items are queried
against the relevant field (not 255 characters, much less.)

I set the query to a memo box and copied the dynamically created query to
the Database Desktop and it does exactly the same.

Is there a limit to the number of contitions that one field can be
allocated in a SQL query in Delphi 1?

Is there a work around???

Examples of the two methods I have tried are as follows:

SELECT Period, SUM(NewClaims)
FROM Claims.dbf
 WHERE PolType = 'AAAA'
OR PolType = 'BBB'
OR PolType = 'QQQ'

or the statement:

SELECT Period, SUM(NewClaims)
FROM Claims.dbf
WHERE PolType IN ('AAAA', 'BBB', ... , PolType = 'QQQ')

Both cause the same error message in the IDQRY01.DLL after the number of
items tested against the one field reaches a certain size.


Andrew Aroney
**** Please remove the ! from my address if you are replying by email ****

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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