Problems updating Informix CHAR(5000) field from Delphi 1 
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 Problems updating Informix CHAR(5000) field from Delphi 1

I need to update Informix tables containing CHAR(5000) fields (the
reason for these large fields is a separate story. However, TEXT fields
would not work in my situation). If I use a TMemoField, the data is read
OK but when I attempt to edit it the database server returns an error
message to the effect that I was making an invalid attemp to use a
text/byte variable. I think it is telling me that I am trying to save it
as a memo field. I went to delphi 2 and I used a TstringField (compiled
for large strings). Same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank


Mon, 14 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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