Passing Report Variables from the Master to Detail Reports 
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 Passing Report Variables from the Master to Detail Reports

I have a master report with three attached detail reports. I have two
report variables in each of these reports that are used in the selection

The problem I have is that ReportSmith prompts me for each report
variables for the master and each of the details. Therefore a user has
four sets of identical prompts (which is unacceptable).

I am entering the report through a delphi application. The Delphi
application allows me to pass report variables however this is only
recognized by the master and I still get prompted for the detail reports.

I have tried everything under the sun, including a call the the $2 a
minute Borland help line (which was a waster of money).

Any ideas?

Mon, 06 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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