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How do you adjust the width of display fields in a DBLookupListBox?

In SQL Server 2000, I have a table which includes fields:

NextEvCode varchar(6) not null
NextEvNum int identity not null

In my delphi application, I access this through a TQuery of

SELECT * from EvNext
    WHERE ...

which is in turn accessed by a DBLookupComboBox. This
DBLEvNext is not expected to modify any data, so its
properties are

Keyfield    NextEvCode;NextEvNum
Listfield     NextEvCode;NextEvNum
Listsource [my TQuery on EvNext]

This works great, except for the fact that the display looks like this
EML00(                    1
RML02(                    5

where the ( represents a zero chopped in half. It doesn't allocate enough
display space to NextEvCode. This isn't the first time I've seen this
happen; it seems to happen a lot with varchar fields. Can anyone tell
me what's going on, or how to work around or fix it?



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Tue, 18 May 2004 02:37:38 GMT  
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